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Hey y'all,


A few days ago I came across NearFantastica looking for lyrics to a few Matt Good tracks. I had no idea that there were that many 'older' albums. I had never heard of Euphony, 15 hours on a September Thursday, Broken, Left of Normal., ect.. ect.. I live on Vancouver Island and I really dont think that I could even hope to find the actual cds here. Are they pretty obscure and hard to find? I looked on DC++ and couldnt find a single trace of any of the tracks. Ebay has nothing and I dont really know where else to look. I'm a big fan of Matt, caught his show on the 5th in Van, and I'm really stoked to give these tracks a listen. If any of you have any suggestions/websites/stores, It would be muchly appreciated. Thanks B)


Mike d (aka Zev)

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I've been pointed in the right direction, thanks. I've already got a few of the tracks and can say that I like it just as much as the newer stuff. (which I like less than the older but-not-as-old-as-the-old-stuff stuff) lol, I crack myself up.

Have a good night y'all.



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