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Random Fights

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It's fun to think of stupid shit like who would win a fight even if it's impossible.


For example, Bob Probert vs. Skelator

I'm taking Probert on this one, mostly because he could kick He man's ass.


Shark Vs. Lion

It's best not to think of where this battle would take place, some sort of medium between water and land, like the air. And I'm taking the Shark, because those fuckers haven't even really evolved so they've got to be doing something right.


Ceiling Fan vs. Jiggly Puff


Ceiling fan wins this one hands down, Jiggly Puff sucks, you can't put a ceiling fan to sleep.

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Depends if it's weapons combat or hand-to-hand.


Hand-to-hand, I'd give it to Bruce Lee, weapons combat, it would be very close, but I'm inclined to say Jet Li.


Jet Li is a Wushu champion, which is a very pretty sport to watch, with its heavy emphasis on weapons training and drills, so Jet would have an advantage.


But in hand to hand, against a practical martial art, like Gong fu/Wing Chun/Jeet Kun Do (martial art that Bruce Lee derived from Wing Chun), I don't think Jet Li would win.

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haha yeah.


Don't you know about the big rift between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee? Bruce Lee used to teach Chuck Norris, and ended up doing a movie together. Chuck came off really cocky, and Bruce was incredibly displeased with the lack of humility.


I think eventually Chuck Norris apologized, though. But not before some harsh words from Lee.


As for Jackie Chan. Yeah, that guy's all smoke and mirrors. He went to Chinese Acrobatic Theater school or something. He's trained in many martial arts, but purely for movie value. Not to say he doesn't respect the arts, but I doubt he has any practical experience using it.

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