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Q: Standing In Line For A Concert In Chilly Weather...

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K in my other thread i told yaz that i'm going to Metallica concert in Montreal this sunday at the Bell Centre. I got Floor General Admission tickets, so i'm gonna stand in line for 3-4 hours before doors open to gaurantee a prime and hopefully front-row spot on the floor.


Never done this before, especially for a Metallica concert which will bring a good # of fans in line. It's going to be somewhat chilly outside & doors open 6 so sun will be starting to go down, supposed to be High of 19 celcius but sunny but could be 15 celcius near end of day.


Question is: anyone got any tips for surviving a chilly line? Would people in line care if i asked the dude behind me in line to save my spot if i went back to my car to put away my jacket/sweater? would they get mad when i come back?


At worst i could wear a hoodie and just tie it around my waste inside the concert (will get hot head-banging front-row at Metallica!), or buy a cheapo Giant Tiger sweater for $10-15 and just leave it on the ground outside when i go into the venue.

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Well I've done it before too, which is why I know it's not comfortable. lol


But I suppose it changes for each venue, crowd, your physical exertion, body temperature etc


If you've been to the venue or have one of them in common with Moonlight Graham, then I suppose you're a better authority.

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Went to the Metallica concert last night. Got in line at 1:30pm (doors opened at 6pm) and there were already like 30-40 people already in line. It was actually a nice day, 18 degrees and in the shade so just worse tshirt and pants. Got colder as the day went on but found the perfect solution: if your arms get cold just bring them inside your t-shirt and hug yourself. haha


I'm glad i didn't have to wear anything else like a jacket or anything, even around my waste because i was thrashing and screaming & singing the whole night and lost about 5 pounds of sweat. All my clothing soaked after from sweat. SAD BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fucking awesome night. Metallica is my fav band ever, and been a fan since 1991 but never seen them before live (variety of reasons). Them and MG are my 2 fav musicians. Was a dream come true night. Even caught a pick that Kirk Hammett threw into the audience!!

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