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New Year's Resolutions?

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cause it's past Christmas, any resolutions you have for next year?


i can't think of any.

i quit smoking this year

i already don't drink

i got to see Matthew Good live

so do you have any?


edit: got one, get over my fear(s)

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i'm gonna quit smoking again, too. i quit for a year and i was dealing with it just fine, but i started again in august while i was in seattle. i justified it by saying IT'S VACATION AND I CAN SMOKE ON VACATION BECAUSE IT IS VACATION.



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You know how my friends stopped me from smoking the first time? They kept stealing my pack of cigarettes and dropping them in the toilet. I got sick of having to buy a new pack.


You know how my friends stopped me from smoking, the second time (years later)? They stole my cigarette case, threw out the cigarettes, and filled it with joints, and told me they'd rather supply me with joints periodically, than have me smoke cigarettes.


My friends are bizarre, but sweet.

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i have a plethora.


quit smoking.

(i was on my way, but i've worked myself back up to half a pack a day.

hopefully won't last long, it's to the point now where i can either buy groceries for the month, or i can continue to smoke.)

lose twenty to thirty pounds.

stop eating shit, stop eating out, cook more foods. try more foods.

be better with money.

stop rolling out of bed and going to class/look as hawt as humanly possible every day.

find a man.

stop procrastinating, get on top of things, do better in school.

meet more people, be less of an introvert.

stop being such a spineless pussbag.

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