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How Savepoints Changed Our Lives

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Fuck putting this in Showcase Review. This is something to talk about. Consider it a gaming topic where you can share real-life experiences that played out differently because videogames exist.


How savepoints changed our lives. Owen Leskovar.


Before savepoints, videogames were fucking hardcore. You had to either finish the whole thing in one sitting, or leave your system on and piss off both your parents and David Suzuki. But then technology evolved (like a Bulbasaur at level 16). Checkpoints were upgraded to savepoints, and passwords were replaced with memory blocks. What this shift meant was two things: that video games were moving one step further from real life, and that real life was generally shittier.


I know what you

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I did actually read it in its entirety. It depends what you are going for really. As an essay it is a little too free form, meandering from point to point without really solidly making one.


Still I do see what you are going for.

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i got 3 paragraphs in like tracy. i don't think i would have made the conclusion that save points are related to being a pussy or 'retarded' (you'll never be able to use this word and sound like a respectable author), more the fact that adult gamers at the same time that you were a child gamer, (the ones pushing the market and the demand for new designs and specific content) needed save points or else whats the point of playing the game? you as a child were able to play for hours on end, but not many adults or even young adults had the time/desire to play and replay the game. if they didn't put in better save points, instead of getting a more resilient generation, you'd have gotten a generation of people annoyed by video games and their redundancy.

keep up the good work though. i admire your ability to have the public read your work. anything i write is between my professor and i.

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It's not an ability so much as a forum. Presumeably people read my occasional near-psychotic rants too, just because they're here.


I've speculated in the past that 'quicksave' would be the ultimate super power, being a sort of Tivo-style time travel. Save, Act, Note Consequences, Load (rewind) if they are unsatisfactory. Though I suspect normally accepted ethics and morals would collapse entirely in the face of such power.


I didn't read the essay or whatever it was, I'm just saying some crap.

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i'm pretty sure you were a pussy well before savepoints. that is, if you remember the time before savepoints. son, back in my day you'd be lucky to even make it halfway through the game before the system crashed. repeatedly. i cried like a bitch when my sister finished super mario bros. as i had never gotten past the third level. you know what? fuck you, sis, i still have never finished that fucking game. i sucked then and i suck now. i'm that guy who gets all the achievements unrelated to actual gameplay as my actual gameplay is severely lacking. you know the guy who gets the perfection medal? he did it by killing me.


savepoints saved my fucking life. i wish i could use them for reals.

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