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16 Years- A Thanks to Anton

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I was thinking the other day that this site has been around since 2004. That's 16 years of this place where we've all come over the years to interact and communicate with each other. Aside from random discussions  about whatever topic that gets raised, this place has also let us get to know each other better and even do meet ups in person, on top of getting to hear from members of the band and Matt himself over the years. And none of this would have been possible without Anton starting and maintaining this message board. So, since I don't know if anyone has ever said so publicly, I just wanted to say thanks for the work you put into starting this place and for keeping it running all these years. I have no idea what kind of work goes into it, but I am appreciate none the less. 

So thanks, Anton. Means a lot. 

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it is nice to have this board to be on still ? So many forums come and gone over the years. I miss having mine, but it died off a bunch when my hosting screwed it up twice, and then people were here so i never brought it back.

Saying this is 16 makes me realize in January my site will be 20 ? 

Indeed thanks Anton for keeping a place for us to show up frequently around tour time and casually the rest of the time haha

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Guest Idioteque

A tiny little home for us hooligans to come and hide once in awhile, i love it. I've probably put more hours & words into this site than facebook/twitter/instagram combined throughout my life.

Thanks Anton! Here's to another 16!

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