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Matt Good In Uptown Magazine

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She reminds me of my one of best friend before she decided that curly red hair wasn't cool.

And Matt look's like they caught him at the wrong time.

Ugh I hate when people use bad pictures anywhere.

Plus the way that he looks as if he's moved to the side because he's not sexually appealing?





Edit: I'm turning into an Art critic because of art class...baha that's not a good thing.


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They probably got it mixed up with 'White Light/White Heat' by the Velvet Underground. That's where Matt got the idea for the title of his new one.

Uh, scratch that. I got mixed up because every article I read about WLR&RR mentions White Light/White Heat, but I forgot that Matt also said there's no connection between the two. The name came from him talking with a friend about using only white lights for a tour like they did in the old days.


"I had planned to call the record “Put Out Your Lights”, that was the original title. Some months ago I was talking on the phone with a friend, Jeff Craib to be exact, the Vice President of SL Feldman (they’re the agency that books me). So Jeff and I were shooting the shit about what I want to do as far as a tour is concerned. We thought it would be cool to go out before the record came out, and I was adamant that I play smaller rooms because I wanted to get back to the sorts of shows I used to play between 92-95, small, sweaty, anything can happen sorts of affairs. Jeff loved the idea and we started thinking of a name for the tour.


For some reason, I ended up referencing the old Allan Freed Rock & Roll Dance Party’s from the 50’s. Anyway, Jeff thought it would be a great idea if there were nothing but white lights used during the concerts. And that friends, is how the name came to be.


I called the record White Light Rock & Roll Review

I called the tour White Light Rock & Roll Revue"


Sorry about that...

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