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The Forgotten

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I watched "The Forgotten" Last night. I actually thought it was a pretty good movie. There are a lot of jumpy scenes, some of them scared the hell out of me. Someone screamed "HOLY $hit!" after a jumpu scene. Haha ;)


Has anyone else watched this Movie?

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Just rented it a couple of days ago. Have to say how absolutely awful it was. It was actually pretty interesting up until the aliens came into the picture..

that was powerfully lame. Since it was the DVD...I saw both the theatrical version and the extended version with the alternate ending. For either version, worst movie I've seen in a while.

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The first half of the forgotten was pretty good but got awful fast. There was one part with a car crash that made me scream my loudest since the ring. Darkness Falls so bad but it had Emma Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my favourite show).

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