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Kool Haus Show

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Well i had to leave at 12 to catch my train which REALLY sucked. what I got beofre I left was:


Apparitions (accoustic solo)



Alert Status Red

Hello Time Bomb

The Rat who Would be King


(not bad at all considering the time frame)



Matt got on stage at about 11:20 and my train left at 10 after 12. That, i must say, was ri-god-damn-diculus.



Tell me what i missed

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Well the last train out or union left at 12:13. I drove to pickering but the owners of the car were reluctant on having me drive all the way downtown, which i REALLY regret not pusing for, since I assumed that the show would be more properly organized. but the seting up was terrible. they would tune all of the guitars before they went on, which they SHOULDVE done beofre the actual show. it just seemed so unorganized

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Thanks for ruining an otherwise great show, Toronto.


This was my first time hearing Big City Life and a fucking MOSH PIT develops as people are bumping left right and center.


Then we had crowd surfers during Empty Road and Can't Get Shot. It's understandable during harder songs like Carmelina (and even then the crowd surfers were WAY too excessive. Once one person started, 5 others would join in. I felt like was at a Gob concert) but to have that going on when Matt was on his acoustic was unaccceptable. Matt was visbly pissed and someone did something stupid to which he told him/her to 'grow up'. Can someone fill me in on what was happening here?


Anyways, besides the crazyness near the end the show was fantastic. As were Auf Der Maur and Limblifter. Hearing them play "Alarm Bells" was a nice surprise.


Set List





Alert Status Red

Buffalo Seven

Hello Time Bomb

Rat Who Would Be King

Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

In Love With A Bad Idea

Blue Skies




Big City Life

Load Me Up/Carmelina

Empty Road

Can't Get Shot

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that is horseshit, you are right... I have a personal problem with that as well Anyone who ruins a show like that should be shot... especially ruining such songs as empty road and such... argh... Anyways... sry to hear about that THE MAN... about the whole missing out on the show... you going to be at any others?

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Its what you call testosterone overdrive. It happens and there wasnt much you could do about it. I was RIGHT beside them, but its all good. I really dont mind. Its just how some people enjoy show. I just cant imagine a mosh pit during empty road. thats like a political statement being made at a backstreetboys concert.

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I really don’t know why you have to mosh to any of Matts new songs. I can see moshing to hello time bomb but empty road?

I'm not a fan of it because you start paying attention more to keeping your feet on the ground and less with Matt on stage.

I hate the crowd surfers because they come up to me and usually land on my head or someone’s head near me.

That's probably 150 pounds of human crap coming down on my head.


I know Matt isn’t a fan of moshing either and he has told fans to stop at concerts but people don’t. There’s always some idiot to ruin something.



Yay, I'm excited for tomorrow.

*Does a little dance*

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Well, Limblifter was amazing,hilight of the show was probably 'Alarm Bells' ,and i also enjoyed Auf de Maur despite hearing bad reviews. I was right against the bar in front of matt. (3 feet to the left side of him)

(i was a guy wearing a yellow shirt that said 'giant)


Anyway, its a damn shame.


during 'can't get sot matt stopped half way through. because of crowdsurfers. (drunks) after he said 'this isn't korn' they yelled COME ON MATT WE'RE JUST HAVING A GOOD TIME. and laughed. No respect. Some guy was yelling empty road into my ear in the most off-key screaming voice.So I gave up my spot at the bar to go back into the pit wear things were only worse.


*oh yeah setlist --don't forget he played 'Future is X-Rated'

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Hello Everyone,


I'm new and very glad to be here. It's nice to see that there's a message board for Matt Good fans. Thanks for making this site! I'm a fairly new fan to Matt Good's music. To be honest, I was never really into the MGB (except the singles), but all that changed when I caught the Ryerson and York show back in September. Then I discovered the Avalanche album and have been playing it constantly. I love the orchestra element. Really smart and quite moving.


Anyways, I was at the Kool Haus last night. Great show, minus the crowd surfers and the confrontation between Matt and the audience member during the final song...it made me nervous. ;) What a way to finish your set, with someone insulting your song selection. I thought Matt handled it very well though. I took some pictures on a friend's digital, but they didn't turn out very well, due to the smoke on the stage. Quite fuzzy, not clear at all. Sorry, I would share them, but it's not worth sharing 'cuz there's nothing to see.


Night Highs

1.)Intro - "we did not authorize..." really set the mood for the rest of the show

2.)Auf der Maur - great charisma, and it was encouraging to see a women front a band, and rock out (i want her hair!)


That's all, I guess...thanks for reading!



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The show was fantastic.


Certainly, the crowd-surfers and people moshing were a bummer, but then again the awesome way he reacted to them was hilarious. Major kudos to Matt for being so cool.


When he opened with Apparitions, I almost messed my pants from the joy. However the best song of the show for me was the end. It was the first time I had ever heard of Can't Get Shot, but it is now my 2nd favourite MG song; next to The Fine Art.



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