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Albertans Who Ya Going To Vote For?

Who ya going to vote for?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Who ya going to vote for?

    • Good ol' Raphy
    • The Liberals
    • NDP
    • Alberta Allaince
    • Alberta Seperation party

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meh...i don't know who to vote for...


Education is the biggest issue for me. I'm a university student and tuition is rediculous and by the time that i finish school i will be over $30,000 in debt. The tuition costs have soared the past couple years...and they continue to increase.


I really haven't had a chance to look at all the issues and stance of the candidates...i watched about 10 minutes of the debate tonight...i wish i would have watched more.

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I'm going to vote PC well cause one I'm done school this year so I'm in favour of pulling all education funding now lol ;) j/k

I dunno they've been doing a good job and from what I've been hearing it sounds like the Liberals and NDP have planned to spend our money 2 times over already, which wouldn't work.


Lol and the Alberta Allaince and speration party just down right scare me :angry:

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Just to stick my ignorant nose into it.. I think Ralph is a dope.

I did a workterm in Fort McMurray and remember hearing Ralphy say some pretty stupid things while I was there.


One occured why the teachers were on strike.. and he made a reference to a trip to China he took. While there he talked to a teacher in China and remarked that they weren't complaining and teachers in Alberta had it much better than them...


Another was when he was proposing an additional tax for water I believe, and said it was a good idea because countries in Europe did it.


Now, I won't say he's a bad politician or a bad leader, cause frankly i don't know... but.... I guess there's no real point I just wanted to share my stories. I hope I don't get yelled at, cause last time I said this I got chewed out pretty good ;) Mainly cause the person took it as a crack against Alberta in general,, which it wasn't.. most of our premiers (newfoundland) have been dopes too :angry:

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