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Got the album...

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Hey everyone,


I'm in the US, I got my 2 copies of WLRRR today in the mail from Amazon.ca. I'm really enjoying it, def has a different vibe than Avalanche... but great nonetheless..


- JB

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I was also amazed I got it so early. I pre-ordered about a month ago, got a confirmation that they had shipped on Thursday, and I had selected "1-3 Day shipping" to the US, which was around $20+.. and they showed up the very next day which was friday, yesterday..


Absolutely loving the album..my favorite tracks thus far are:


"we're so heavy"

"It's been a while since I was your man"

"buffalo 7"


I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am, it's a real rocker.. but he def retains his style throughout the disc.


- JB

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Good stuff to get it early. I was wondering if the CD has copy protection? Before everyone flips out just chill! I want to encode the CD for my own use on my HTPC and it really sucks that I paid for the WIL CD and I can't encode it, hence I will pretty much NEVER listen to it.

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It doesn't have copy protection.. obsessively I copy all my MG cd's to my comp harddrive and always order at least 2 copies.. because I'm in the US and I can't readily get another if I scratch the shyit out of it..


After a 1.5 days of listening I must say I'm loving:


Empty Road

North American For Life

Ex-Pats of the blue mountain...


This whole album just keep growing on me after every listen & there is a bonus/secret song after ex-pats which is really cool also.


MG is probably the only artist I get excited about these days.. I was like a kid on Christmas when I got the disc.. that's so rare for me these days with music.. God bless you Matthew.




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I got mine on Monday, too. I ordered from amazon.ca and I got it in Maryland a day ahead of time. Same story as the other guy except it took until Monday for me to get it.


I wasn't sure how I felt about the album when I first got it. It's growing on me, but some of the differences I'm finding are pretty extreme. I've known Matt for his subversive and cryptic lyrics that just seem to roll on and on (i.e. - The Rat Who Would be King), but this is different. The instruments are really showcased on this album which is nice.


It almost seems as if he's reaching for a new breadth of music. There are a couple songs on the album, including the hidden track, that have a country western feel. At this point we all know that you just don't even bother trying to get into the man's head, but you've got to want to when you hear this stuff. My favorite song, and has been since the St. Catharine's show last July is Expats. I love the message, I love the sound... I mean, I love the Who and it sounds EXACTLY like a Who song.


Alert Status Red. We've been there and done that. I love the song, I'm sure most of you do too.


I'll admit that this album is growing on me. With all of the hype preluding to its release I was fully prepared to be floored by the quality, and I'll admit that I wasn't. Some vocal effects seem forced and cheap. That could be what he meant when he said "raw." Sometimes the guitars are out of tune, and that's fine. Coldplay gets away with it all the time and makes millions.


Buy it or Burn it?


Buy it, then decide if you want to burn it or not.

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My favorite favorite favorite song so far - and I think it will keep on being - is "we're so heavy"... gosh, I love that song!!! ;)


Then I would say "little terror" and "Buffalo seven"...


I actually downloaded the album - I will get it in around a week... guess its because i live very far away from Canada - and I recorded those 3 ones in that order to keep on listening to the three ones in a row and come back :angry:


regards from spain,



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don't have the original CD either... i downloaded the songs because i couldn't wait till next week - that's when they told me it would get to Spain - to liste to it... I'm eager to have the original copy in my hands ;)

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well, after all this time waitin anxiously for my original WLRRR copy, i called Maplemusic... and what i suspected ;) they hadn't carried out my order properly and they hadn't sent me the copy :angry: that's why they hadn't charged it into my account and why i wasn't getting my copy...


they said to me that they could carry out the order again but that would mean two more weeks waitin for the original copy... i don't know what to do... I got so mad at them... specially because I had sent them two e-mails asking for info about how my order was going on and they hadn't answered me...

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