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i don't think it's really supposed to relate to music. kinda just side projects of the people who contribute to the site


I pretty sure you are right here.


I saw this on one of the comments for yesterday's post:


I’ll always create music – but as for needing it to be pushed through the sausage maker so others can dissect is another matter. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the future. Ryan and I have started a little collective based thing, but it remains to be seen if anything materializes. If it does, I’ll probably only have it released through iTunes or on a website that has e-commerce.


As for my solo work, I can’t say what I’ll do next. I have a lot of ideas and numerous themes, so who can say.


I would assume by Ryan that he means Ryan Dahle. That would be cool if if they released some stuff! and I'm glad to hear he's still working on solo stuff too. Or at least thinking about it anyway.

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