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Relay From The Wilderness

Things Matt would like you to know about West Edmonton Mall:


1) They should take the "fantasy" out of Fantasy Land Hotel.


2) In the "Worlds largest Mall" there is only one computer store and one Internet cafe',

Hence the fact that Matt is telling me this over the phone and interrupting my soaps!


3) Tomorrow Matt hopes to get to an Internet connection; we understand that Grand Prairie Has a LARGE abundance of cyber kiosks.


haha the poor West Edmonton Mall. Well as this post shows he's very close to BC now yet we still don't have any official tour dates ;)

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America doesn't like people badmouthing it. Lots of people learned that the hard way.


I've noticed that there aren't many British MG fans, either... I only know me, and some of my friends I've managed to hook on his music.

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well, I guess Matt is hated in the US because he tells the truth, because he talks about how unfair and illegal Irak's invasion was, because he says ALL the bad and terrible things Bush and his administration are doing to the US AND to all of us in the world, because he condemns all these unfair acts against humanity, because he condemns human rights' violation...


... and I cannot agree with him more than what i do because i've got the same opinion, because I also hate Bush and his administration and all his unfair acts against humanity... and it has been pretty obvious in Spain lately, where we have taken the streets in huge demonstrations against Irak's invasion, because we have cried against wars and illegal and economical wars, because with our votes we have beaten our ex-president Aznar (who supported Bush in Irak's invasion) in the last elections in Spain after suffering a similar Al Qaeda attack in Madrid (11-M) because of our crazy president's support to Bush and to the war...


I myself and many Spaniards would be hated by Americans because we share Matt's opinions and concerns and would be "prosecuted" by the CIA or by the American security forces... I don't hate Americans, I hate Bush and his policies, I hate American patriotism, I hate American "saviors-of-the-world" idea... I simply hate that


and if all this doesn't seem enough, just reading one of Matt's blogs on his webpage:


120 billion dollars, 11,000 innocent Iraqi lives, 830+ US dead, 4000+ US wounded, 100+ coalition dead, 0 WMD’s, and after all of it the 9/11 inquiry rules out any possible link between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and 9/11.


... and Bush and his supporters still hanging around


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i was originally from mississauga, but moved down here to the san francisco bay area six years back.


matt played one show in the us in new york during the beautiful midnight tour i think, and it sold out. he has kind of a cult audience down here.

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