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Worst Performance Ever!

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did anyone else see that travesty that was my chemical romance on conan obrian? i dont know if that singer hit one note. the guitar players were more worried about flailing around like idiots than they were about actually playing the things. plus the song was shit.

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I missed that performance, but I've been noticing this huge trail of suck that the late night shows have been producing over the past few weeks. I know that when bands perform on tv, they lose a lot of the sound quality, but it's been really weak lately. Singers being out of key, instruments out of tune, ect...It's getting bad when the only stand out performance I can recently recall that I really thought was good (and I can't believe I'm saying this) was Kelly Clarkson's performance on SNL last weekend. Like her or not, she sounded great. Her voice was spot on aside from a few notes here and there, and her band ripped. I'll probably never buy an album, but her and the band definitely have live chops.


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i dig sum and blink...

worst performance i've ever seen was actually at a matt good show... kingswood theatre september 11th 2004.... basically the whole lineup was awful except matt who was on his game as usual... but yea some really terrible bands played at that show... bands called m-way, frank and dank

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I'll be seeing My Chemical Romance on March 3rd, with The Used and Killswitch Engage. I've heard they sucked live but i love their CD's too much to pass up seeing them.


And speaking of Sum 41, i've seen them live twice, and they've been amazing. Loud and frantic. So much different from their CD's, which i find boring, and FAR too short.


But yes, i do see how bands loose alot on tv. Sum 41 areincredible live, but that Live at Much bullshit makes them sound flakey.

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Worst show I have ever seen might just be Loverboy for not playing "The Kid is Hot Tonight"

I didn't like Auf Der Maur on the Put Out Your Lights Tour, too boring. And Sloan is pretty by the numbers for their shows, too.

I have it! Treble Charger! I think they played the same show each time I saw them, which was always to see other bands.

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I saw MCR last night. Anyone who said the sucked live are full of shit. You guys do realize if you don't like the recording, you probably won't like them live?


They weren't far from the recordings, just maybe a bit faster, fiercer, funkier, and more technical. There was quite a bit of flailing, but nothing that interfered with the music.


And, i've never seen MCR on much.


Gerard reminded me of Marilyn Manson, kind of.


I think you guys got bad sound because it was a tv show.

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you're seeing Taste of Chaos, aren't you? I thought you were...


London? Go. I dare ya:D We can compare setlists.


MCR played:

• I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

• Thank You For The Venom

• Honey, This Mirror isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us

• You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison?

• Cemetery Drive

• To The End

• The Ghost of You

• Give Em hell, Kid

• Helena



and then the Used played

• Take It Away

• Listening

• I Caught Fire

• Taste of Ink

• All That I’ve Got

• Box of Sharp Objects

• On My Own [was amazingly well done]

• I’m a Fake



I didn't really pay attention to the other bands. i missed My American Heart and i didn't know a few of the Killswitch Engage songs. KE and MCR are both amazing live.

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You're so lucky. I'm not going anymore because I had no one to go with me. It sucks... I'm still very bitter. Second time this year I've missed out on seeing The Used.


Wow, am I seeing strange, or did MCR play more songs than The Used? Sounds amazing... you're so lucky.


I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.

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Yeah, MCR played a longer, stronger, and all-around better set than the Used. The Used were kind of weak, but still worth seeing.


After the Used's set, MCR+Used played Freddy Mercury & David Bowie's "Under Preassure," it was amazing.

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