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I never heard of this. Did they record anything?


Totally unrelated note, does anybody know where I can get some of the Rodchester Kings songs (other than the Hub)?

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I am going to do the lyrics for bontempo sometime soon (dont know how long it will take);)... check up at the lyrics over the next little while if you are interested.

Sorry i dont know about the rodchester kings.

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well if you were to add me to your msn i could pass it on that way...anton sent me the song he was converting to lyrics so i could make sure he got it right

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There will be no Halloween, there will be no Christmas.

There will be no Easter.

There will only be the holiday of me.

And on that day I will turn people inside out for my pleasure.

And my pleasure only!!

You will be forced to watch! Your eyelids held open!

As I slowly... slowly... slowly... use a potato peeler... to remove the skin on your legs!!

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7 ... im stil working on the lyrics for you... they should be up within a week or so. Keep updated!


these songs are a bit... different, so dont expect his regular song material.

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