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Also it is well documented that they killed socialists, not to mention before comming to power smashing/disrupting socialist party meetings.

EDIT: I still think a closer interpretation of what the Nazi's were, were of course, facists.

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All nazis are fascists, but not all fascists are nazis.


And fascism can be better described as Extreme-National Merchantalism or National Corperatism. Socialism implies ownership of resources by the public, and since fascism is dictatorship, most argue that the public and the state become two completely different entities, and ownership of resources by the authortarian state can't be considered ownership of resources by the public (most non-anarchist socialists argue that a democraticly elected or controlled government is representative of the public, and thus if the democratic state owns the resources, the public owns the resources).


I believe even Mussolini called fascism an ideology promoting a "Corperate Republic".

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Because China is soooooo communist...

hahahah yah

they are a far cry from communist these days. They consider themselves communist, but if you look at what communism is, and socialism as an idealogy they are a controlled-capitalist economy at best, which kinda disavow's them of their communist status id say.

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