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have you ever had sex with a goat?


and if so did you like it?

no and ..........no......*shifty eyes*



What's your most embarassing moment ever?



well...i had sex with a goat once. thought i had put it away in "the vault" but then i was asked on this website if i had ever had sex with a goat, and I had to lie.


*and thats a joke, if you think i'm being serious*



and the forty million dollar hooker question? yeah, i'd do it. for forty million dollars, you can cure a lot of diseases.

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thats brutal. but it reminds me of the day i discovered postsecret. i sat at my desk with another guy and we laughed at all the post cards... and we tried to think of one to send in.



in the elevator to the mezzanine he came up with "sometimes i fantasize about how much it would hurt to cut my dick off". he made a postcard and sent it in.


the only reason why i check back every week is to see if they added it.

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