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Matt Good Apparell

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I like garlic bread with cheese.


Your best bet for the freshest apparel would obviously be a show. Try maple music, or even E-Bay. if not, ask me, because I buy a lot of matt good shit in quantity, and I Will trade for bj's


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I e-mailed maple music asking about why all the matt good stuff was unavailiable and if it was ever going to eventually be availiable, and its been nearly a month and they have not responded.

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you may have to wait til matt's rescheduled tour dates finish before maplemusic gets any new stock.


I'm not 100% sure but I think whatever they dont sell on tour they just sell off maplemusic. For obvious reasons they try to distribute it via the tour first.


while you're waiting you might i suggest some iron-ons? ;)

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