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Matt Good And The Mmva's?

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they arn't just strictly canadian bands.

aside from going coastal, those shows have equal chances of playing canadian bands as countdown

yeah I know, I wasn't really referring to Canadian artist airplay, rather the quality of the shows.

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He was nominated for something for Avalanche and didn't go so I doubt he will be there this time. I remember Avril beat him in one category and she was like "Matt Good is awesome and I'm so flattered to be in his category" or something. The only good thing to ever come out of her mouth

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Much Music is the highlight of mainstream music, half the people aren't even canadian artists.

Aside from some decent programs like The Wedge, Loud, and Going Coastal on occasion...

The Wedge was the shit when i was, you know, staying at home on friday nights in the glory days of high school






but yes, The Wedge is a really cool show. Is it still on?





Going Coastal is okay, I prefered it when it was split in two; MuchWest and MuchEast on sunday nights



MuchWest was a lot better cause they would do a lot of interviews with Matty boy. They even had a couple specials, like "Making of Audio of Being" and "48 hours in the life of the Matthew Good Band"


It was my only real "Must Watch" show for a while...good sunday night wind down

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