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Making A Cd Of "unreleased" Matt Good Songs...

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Ones that weren't included on In A Coma.


01) If I Was A Tidal Wave

02) Seriously, Serious

03) Agoraphobe

04) Dusk

05) Can't Get Shot In The Back

06) Annabelle

07) Comfortable Criminals

08) Near Fantastica (acoustic)

09) All Together


Am I missing anything?? Oh, well, I suppose all of the demos that predate MGB.

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There's always the ambience from his website from the winter of 2003-2004. Dunno whether it's really a song, but I hear a tad of it in 99% Of Us Is Failure.

someone should upload this...I'm interested in hearing.

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isn't there a song that was on the hits that wasn't on dvd version/rooms version?

maybe i am crazy. i am at school in halifax and my in a coma is at home. i thought i missed out on something.

like people have been saying, Pony Boy was on In A Coma.


i suppose if you want to get technical, there is also the "leaked" version of Pony Boy from way back when. it's the same song, but basically unmastered and mixed a bit different.


the IAC version is compressed to be "louder," (what seems to be) Matt's guitar and Rich's bass are amped up a bit more, Dave's guitar has a bit more overdrive-ish "fuzz," and Holly McNarland's backing vocal is practically non-existent. basically, modern "rock" mastering.

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