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Is anyone going to be recording this? I'll probably be at work and will be unable to watch the streaming version, unless they leave it up.


Should be interesting. He's playing live acoustic and answering fan questions.

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Awwww shit, is that it?


Did I miss it or was it just MA and I'm a Window?


BTW I'm a Window is now up there...One of the best I've heard so far. I can't wait to hear the album version.

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I just noticed that too. The cool drum seguey between the first chorus and second verse got the pause removed. They took out some of the (tempo) dynamics. Bastards.

It sounded like a radio cut, which is a very bad thing. Oh well, guess they have to get as much precious ad space on the airwaves as they possibly can. God forbid a single run longer than 3 minutes.


He should release Champions Of Nothing as his next single just to fuck with them.


God I hate the radio.


Assholes were more worried about Puddle of Mud coming in...Uhhh, they still record music?


It's sad when Matthew Good gets bumped for a Nickelback rip off act.



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