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so. im trying to come up with a useful app for facebook but all i've come up with is:


- an app that keeps us updated with what Christopher Walken is currently doing

- an app that retreives a randon Christopher Walken quote.


facebook api is useless

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Make one that lets you use all the annoying apps without installing them, so all my "friends" will fuck off and stop asking me to add them.




...ok, so I'm totally bitter about facebook apps. They drive me nuts, I don't need all these pointless things cluttering up my shit.



I will add your app though, but only because you're making it.

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Facebook - for lack of better words - sold the fuck out. Opened it up to all the fucking hipsters and added a bunch of idiotic applications.


Do I fucking care what movie you just saw? I am waiting for an application that tells you who people slept with last night.



Facebook and text messages are by far the worst forms of communication.



And sorry if I don't have any fucking examples.

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