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Would You Say It Face To Face?

would you rip on bands to their face?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. would you rip on bands to their face?

    • yes. anything i write on the internet i would also say to their face.
    • no. i'm a big man/woman behind a keyboard, but would keep my mouth shut in person.
    • i'll say that i voted yes, even though the answer for me is really no.
    • i'd like to think i would, but who knows.

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I voted yes 'cause I'd be totally honest with whatever artist... The thing for me is I wouldn't just walk up to My Chemical Romance or whoever on street and tell them I thought they sucked.


If I happened to be speaking to an artist I would totally give them my opinion if I was asked what I thought of their stuff and why I disliked or liked it.


To me engaging someone in conversation just to badmouth them or something they do is fuckin' childish (unless you're talking about trying to intervene on someone's actions that have the potential to hurt someone else, of course). But yeah, if you don't like a song or artist just don't listen to it. Request what you want to hear on the radio, if the station doesn't listen just turn them off.

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it depends.


if i saw a band i really hated... let's say good riddance, even though i don't know why i would be near them, i would not walk up to them and tell them that they're greasy jerks. why would they care what i had to say?

it's art, not everyone is going to like it. if someone random came up to me and said my work sucks, it'd probably really upset me or i wouldn't care.

so i wouldn't tell them anything.


now, if they asked me what i thought about their music then i would tell them.

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I did tell Jonathan Cain from Journey, that they were much better with Steve Perry, the kid they replaced him with was a decent replica, but still just a replica. He explained that they wanted to stay true to the sound for the fans...we agreed to disagree.


I would tell some of the bands that have become big over the last few years, grow some balls, and play to their potential. Some of them are very talented, but they limit themselves with a lot of the drivel they release to pander to the record execs.

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