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I think they're the band everyone loves to hate (well, they are here) at the moment cos they're posh, inoffensive and radio friendly, so they attract all the middle-aged people who drive around in Ford Mondeos and don't really listen to music. But with that said, I think they're clearly better than most of the shite that's in the charts - they've had some decent singles, Bedshaped in particular.

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kinda like the beatles?

I don't think any of those ring especially true to the Beatles, except that while they are listened to by people who aren't really interested in music, that's bound to happen when you're as big and successful as The Beatles were. They're listened to by music fans and non-music fans alike.


Anyway, I myself think the snobbery is undeserved.


I don't care if that's incoherent, it's nearly 3AM and I stopped being able to explain thins a good hour ago.

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I like Keane a lot. I saw them here in Vancouver last year and they were really fantastic live. Tim the singer has got a pretty good voice and he pulls it off live. OBViously they aren't The Beatles, but they're still pretty good. As for their latest album.....not too impressed. I like their 1st two quite a bit though.

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