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The Bored V2 Bug Reports And Changelog

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Its starting look slick ;)



When I click "Toggle Side Panel" in the pane with the smiles, most show up but some have blank spaces






Looks like either the linking to the images is missing or the images themselves are missing??

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What specifically did you like about the login?


Also, I really need to get rid of the blue buttons.


probably the fact that you're able to do it from the main page, and do not have to click "log in" anymore.


this new bored makes my day so much faster now. lulz. i think its pretty. kinda generic at this point, but in a shiny, impressive way.


also, all the threads ever are apparently "new", but you said that should go away, so i believe you.


also bring back the old smileys plz. dancing broccoli is key.

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Dont know if this is a bug but its unclear functionality

There's 2 quote buttons?

The right one seems to take you to a reply form with just the one post quoted.

The other seems to add/remove posts from being quoted when you click "Add Reply" (I think)



Can someone else confirm this bug?

Not sure how to reproduce. But playing around with the +/- Quote button

I some how got it to include posts from more than 1 thread.


HMMMM can't reproduce it again...

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