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there IS a golf ball out there called the precept.... but it sucks. it's like hitting a rock.




the only thing i read reviews on before i buy are things that are brand new to market and either innovative or unique. that pertains mostly to automobiles and electronics.


i never read a review of an album or a movie... it's like hearing about a restaurant's menu... it's all up for interpretation. what one person may hate, another will love.

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i think he must mean "preconceptions" based on the examples he gives.


the question is kinda loaded, isn't it? doesn't everybody go into something with preconceptions? i mean, even if you don't read a review of an album, you already have a substantial amount of (preconceived) information about it. you have an expectation of genre; if the artist has done work prior, you have a preconception as to how the album you're buying will sound; if the band has a single on the radio, then you have even more preconceptions to work with when you're purchasing the product as well.


in short: i also don't understand what you're trying to get at.



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