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Remember When

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The Crocodile Hunter died? and everyone was really sad.

or when they cancelled Friends? that sucked.

or when they changed Facebook? that fucking sucked. me and my friends were going to boycott the page, but things happened, and we didn't get around to it.


this is an open page/discussion about how people freak out over change, but it happens.....anything else?

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Ummm yes..


Lets see..


I was working in Keremeous (Interior of BC for those of you that dont live in BC.. or just dont know in general.. its all good) when the crocodile hunter died and everyone made fun of him.. i was kinda annoyed just because i like to think im a good person...


I dont remember the cancellation of Friends.. probably because i never really watched that show.. and then it was over..


Call me young.. call me naive.. whatever floats your boat.


And the abrupt facebook change was annoying. Its kinda like when someone goes into your house when your sleeping.. and re-arranged your living room and hides a bunch of your DVD's. Sure its all still there, but you have to look for everything to find it.


It wasn't the best day of my life.

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i try to remember my impressions and reactions when those events happen so i can tell my kids. i ask my parents things like what is was like when jfk or john lennon were assassinated but they can't remember so much. they remember terry fox though haha.

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Both irrelevant, really. Death of Steve Irwin I guess I remember, but I couldn't tell you when it was. I remember Desert Storm and Desert Fox. Not so much Iraqi Freedom because it was a terrible name and it hasn't ended.

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My dad has a vivid memory of the first moon landings.. I always thought that was cool.


Sept 11 was clearly one of the most life changing events in modern history.. I think everyone can remember where they were when that happened.

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I went around my friends house after school and when I was about to leave his mam told us about it. I remember getting up really early the day after Steve Irwin died so I read about it when it first started being reported on the internet. Remember being told about Princess Diana's death when I woke up.


All pretty useless memories really, I mean, they're not even interesting.

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Crocodile Hunter - I was sad when I heard, but at the same time was surprised it took that long. He did some shit that was hella scary, or that at least was made to look hella scary for television.


Friends - I thought the ending was kind of meh. I wasn't too disappointed; it had been on way too long at that point and was too drama oriented for me. I watched it for as long as I did solely to see it play out. I am bad about starting things and seeing them through to the finish even if it's just ridiculous and a waste of time in the grand scheme. I think Booty Sweat is right about the wrap up, though. I think they realized there was not much more they could do.. and then the Joey spin off happened and people undoubtedly lost their Goddamn jobs.


Facebook - I was so pissed when they changed.. both times? Has it been two or three times? Every time they do some sort of major overhaul I hate it, and then a few weeks later I don't care anymore.


Princess Diana - NBC broke into SNL to announce it. My mom and sister were watching with me. We thought it was a bit for a good five or so minutes into the broadcast. Very strange feeling realizing it was not.


Giuliani's "I will mention this in every speech I give for the rest of my life, oh my God crisis was handled by me, you sons of bitches" card - I did not go to school that day, as high school requires you to be there at an ungodly hour. My mother phoned to tell me to get the hell out of bed to turn on the television, and I thought she was joking. For the rest of the day the networks replayed the footage and I just could not believe how fucking ridiculous everyone was behaving. Living in Tennessee made it worse; yokels went batshit talking about "gettin' them ragheads" and a part of me started to dislike America on a whole new level.

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oh God- I can see the shirts and cards now..


"if you were on facebook, I would click "Like" on you.


edit: addition to the "awww, they're dead! sad" Farah Fawcett.

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