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Best Drinking Game Ever

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Topic over.


Edit: I'll expand, I guess. You spread out a deck of cards face down, making a circle around an empty beer bottle. In clockwise order, people take turns drawing a card, placing it on the beer bottle, and following the prescribed rules of the card. You knock the cards off, you drink for each card that falls. There are a million and one rules variations, but here are the ones I most often play with:


A: White Man's Rap. In turn order (starting with who drew) you must say a sentence that rhymes with the previous one. If you insult another player with your sentence, they must drink, and th first person who fucks up has to drink for each person before them.

2: Waterfall. Everyone starts chugging. You cannot stop until the person to your right stops (the one who draws the card can stop for free.) Sucks if you're right of the guy who draws it.

3-5: You drink that much

6-10: You give out that many drinks. Dividing is fine.

J: Thumbmaster. You become the thumbmaster until another Jack is drawn. At any time you may touch your thumb to something. EVeryone else must mimic the behavior. The last to do so drinks.

Q: Rule. You make a rule. Breaking this rule causes the breaker to drink. Some good ones include no swearing, no first names, no questions, and mates. Mates involves everyone picking a partner. When one drinks, the other drinks an equivalent amount.

K: Category. You name a category and list a component of it. It goes around until a component is repeated, or someone chokes. Ex: "Beer brands: Molson," "Labatt," "Moosehead," "Steamwhistle," "....fuck. *drinks 4."


And that's that.

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And your favourite card game is Solitaire, no doubt. Thanks for the educational and useful contribution.


One for when expediency is important: Racing


Make a 'track' about 8 cards long, divided evenly by suit (though it looks better face down.) Lay out all 4 Queens. Players place bets on which Queen they think will win. To place a bet, you must drink that amount. Saying "I bet 2 shots that Spades will win" means you must do 2 shots before the race begins. A player flips cards from the top of the deck. The suit of each flipped card advances the corresponding Queen up the track. When a Queen crosses the last card, the race is over, and all players who placed bets on that Queen get to give out double their wager in drinks, divided as they wish.


It sounds simplistic, but it's great for a few rounds when you're about to leave for the bar and everyone is already loud and rowdy and yelling and cheering for their Queen. Also, because of probability distribution, the race is almost always very close.

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^ amateurs





You need a table, and a quarter.


Everyone sits around the table with their beers, and takes turns spinning the coin (ala bloody knuckles), they have to take 3 sips of their beer while the coin spins and then pick it up using the same hand they drank their beer with before the coin falls flat, if they fail to do so they have to go again. Meanwhile, other players can try to stop the coin on it's side (vertically), if they achieve this the person who spun has to drink the rest of their beer, if not, the person who failed has to drink 3 sips. This goes on until someone finishes a beer, they now have a landmine. When someone spins the coin, they can place their can or bottle over the coin... it must fully cover the coin or they have to drink 3. Once the landmine is placed, it stays there for the entire game, and if anyone hits it while they are spinning their coin they have to drink 3 and then spin again.


You can imagine that once everyone finishes a few beers, spinning the coin to avoid landmines gets tricky.


This game is not only way more fun than lame ass kings, it will get everyone wasted.

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"I've Never" is also a great drinking game! You get to learn a bunch of interesting facts about your fellow drinking buddies.


Everyone sits around around a table. One person goes first by making a TRUE statement that begins with "I never...." For example, "I've never been to Disneyland." Then, if any other player HAS DONE what the person said, they simply drink.


As the game progresses, the statements tend to get more personal and explicit. But the game only works when people are honest. However, if somebody drinks on an "I never..," no explanation is necessary. For example, if someone says, "I've never had sex with an inflatable doll," and someone ends up drinking to it, no explanation is needed, just a drink of affirmation. Word of the wise, don

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I'm a terrible I've Never player, can't some up with shite for good questions. Maybe practice is needed...


Drunk Driver/Ride The Bus


Arrange cards like so (however long you want it, but within reason, and actually in a diamond shape):



1 0

2 0 0

3 0 0 0

4 0 0 0 0

5 0 0 0

6 0 0

7 0



Objective: to make it from point A to B. This is accomplished by flipping over card A and guessing if the next card (player's choice) is higher or lower than the previous one. Guess right and move on; guess wrong and take the number of drinks that the row corresponds with and start all over again, replacing the turned-over cards. Excellent way to get rather trashed, especially if you're known to have bad luck in general. *cough*


As for Kings, we call it Sociables, with a few more rules that can be substituted for the earlier cards:

- Nobody is allowed to go to the bathroom for the duration of the game(s) unless they have a bathroom card - usually a King

- 'Little Man': this one usually kills me. If invoked (usually a made-up rule on the rule making card, usually a 7), you have to remove an invisible little man from the top of your glass/can/bottle before you can drink, otherwise drink up again.

- J/Q, guys/girls drink.

- Ace is usually Sociables, everyone drinks

- 'Bowl Card': usually a 9 or something, for the first 3 picks everyone (or just the person who picked it) has the opportunity to pour some of their drink into a bowl in the middle of the table. On the fourth draw of a 9, whoever drew it has to drink and finish whatever is in the bowl. Known to make enemies out of friends.

- Other rules for the Rule Card: no speaking of anyone's name for the duration of the game, no one can say 'Drink', and other rules that are simple but annoyingly easy to forget.

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Yup, I've used all of those rules in the past. Little man is awesome.


And bathroom cards can get damn mean. I managed to pull 2 as my first 2 picks once, and then auctioned them off to people DYING to go. "K...you can have one of my bathroom cards. But you have to chug 3 beers in front of me first." Beautiful.

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Having recently become kind of enamoured with Korean culture, I picked up a couple common drinking games through watching Korean dramas, going to Korean restaurants.


Flick the Strip


Koreans like to drink soju, which is like Korean vodka. It's SO wonderful to drink. Love it. Anyway, when you open a bottle of soju, there's a little strip of metal on the cap, that generally gets stuck to the cap. Everyone takes turns trying to flick the strip off. The one who flicks it off, has to take a drink.


Lucky Number


After you play flick the strip, the person who had to take a drink will take a look inside the cap, and there's a number inside. Everyone takes turns guessing the number, and the person says "lower or higher". The person to guess the right number, has to drink the number that's under the cap.


They're kinda simple, but it's actually kinda cute to watch all the tables of young koreans play around us XD

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I might need to play the against me game.


I've played The Big Lebowski game. Drink everytime they say dude, the F-word, or Lebowski. Don't know anyone that's made it through the entire movie.


Anyone made it through or played the 100-club? Drink a shot of beer every minitnute for 100 minutes. Comes out to about 8-9 beers in an hour and half. Things often get crazy after this game.

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I prefer power-hour which is a shot a minute for 60 minutes. This way you don't feel like you've been kicked in the stomach by a horse, and there's some good programs that play 60-1 minute clips of songs on your itunes so you know when to drink.

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Kings gets boring when you play it 3 times a week.


Edit: Forgot about edward 40 hands, it does rule. Never had so much trouble trying to take a piss in my life.

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jamies sister has this game from the 60's and it's fabulous. it's called pass out and it kicks your ass. you roll, and drink as much as the square you land on tells you to. there's a light up square, which is really the kicker. you won't make it make it twice around the board. jamies sister got alcohol poisoning the first time she played and i have never heard jamie puke so much after he played. i was fine, however. everything in moderation.

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i always liked the white zombie drinking game. you listen to astro creep 2000 and every time he says "yeah" you drink. There is also the trival pursuit drinking game everytime you get a question wrong you drink if it's for a pie piece you take two shots. that kind of ends pretty quick though.

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