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Welcome back Matt.  Good to see you back again.

Looking forward to more announcements coming soon.  The last acoustic tour was one of my favourite shows ever.  I love the intimate setting and obviously the more rare songs that you're able to indulge us with occasionally are fantastic.

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1 hour ago, samscartboy said:

Perhaps an upstate NY date ?

I’d settle for anything at this point. I went to Canada for the CN tour but can’t swing that anymore. Too expensive and too far. Family obligations make it impossible. I’d love a Philadelphia show but realize that’s probably not probable anymore. I hate the nyc drive but I’d do it for two people: Tom Waits and Matt Good.



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Hey, Matt. Thanks for jumping back in. I know we really appreciate your insight here.

I plan on going to every show in Alberta. This seems like a good excuse to drive around the province in the winter. I already bought tickets to the five shows that are up for sale. I look forward to seeing the whole itinerary when it’s released. See you on the road and all the best!

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Hope you are well as well Mr. Good.  Thanks for coming back to post and keep us informed as to what the future holds.  

I am very excited to hear about the plans for an extensive tour, and the leaked dates so far definitely point to a very interesting tour taking you to alot of places and venues you haven't played in a long time.  You're 06-07 tours are something of legend among your fans for both the more relaxed setting, hilarious banter and incredible setlists.  If these shows are anything like those it will be absolutely incredible.  Hoping to see about a half dozen shows this time out! Can't wait for more details.  

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Excited to have the full tour announced and see what the gaps were from the shows that were discovered earlier this summer.  Even though I'm sticking to shows in the capital region I feel pretty fortunate that there are 10 stops in Alberta for this tour.  I have a question about the March 20 Edmonton show and the venue.  Since the tour announcement I've noticed references to another venue (Myer Horowitz - seated venue) as opposed to the one where the show is happening (Starlite Room - GA).  I've attached a few images to show this discrepancy. 

Was there a last minute venue change for Edmonton or simply placeholder text used?  I realize the logistics of planning a West > East > West Canadian tour with 35 shows can pose a few headaches when trying to determine where to play and when and maybe this is a peek behind the curtain on what may be involved in that process.  

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the tour and all the excitement that comes with it.   



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