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What do you think the best albums of 2004 are so far?


i would say (in no such order)


The Arcade Fire-Funeral

The Streets-A Grand Dont Come For Free


Green Day-American Idiot

Wilco-A Ghost Is Born

The Cure-The Cure

Matthew Good-WLRRR

Brian Wilson-Smile

Modest Mouse-Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Loretta Lynn-Van Lear Rose

Hayden-Elk Lake Serenade

Franz Ferdninand-Franz Ferdinand


I also expect new U2 and new Ian Brown to make that list as well.

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Modest Mouse - Good News....

Epicure - Goodbye Girl

Wilco - A Ghost is Born

Tea Party - Seven Circles

Matt Good - WLR&RR

John Butler Trio - Sunrise over Sea


These are the only albums i've brought which were released this year.


John Butler, Tea Party & Matt Good were a bit dissapointing.

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I thought 'Avalanche' was a really good album.

It fell away a bit at the later stages of the album with "Double Life" and "Long Way Down", but overall it was really good.


WLR&RR still has some great tracks in my opinion (blue skies, empty road, buffalo seven and alert status red), but it just didn't have the replay power in which "Avalanche" had for me.

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... and new Ian Brown to make that list as well.

Do you mean the Ian Browne from the "Matthew Good Band" out of curiosity?


And my favourite albums this year so far are:

1)Limblifter - "I/O"

2)The Hives - "Tyrannosaurus Hives"

3)The Tragically Hip - "In Between Evolution"

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I must disagree about The Tea Party. While Seven Circles was good, it was nowhere near as well put-together as "Edges of Twilight" or "Interzone Mantras". And I'm a huge Tea Party fan, at that. It just didn't hold up in my opinion, even though I am in love with the song "Stargazer".


I would add "Final Straw" by Snow Patrol to the list, as it's my favourite release of the year.

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