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2nd Presidential Debate

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I watched most of it. Bush seemed pretty angry and fear-mongering, while Kerry kept an upbeat approach. Bush was spitting mad when he was talking in the first half of the debate. He seemed downright rude at times the way he was going on. He also has an 84$ timber company that lets him qualify as a small business owner. Bush couldn't give a straight answer when asked to name three mistakes he made. Kerry was quite calm all the way through and had a clear command of the facts. That was my impression. I think that Kerry won, but not by as much as the last debate, although I think that Bush's obvious anger will do him in.

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yeah Bush was going a little crazy there the 1st half of the debate. I don't know what was up with all the yelling and anger-screaming, and then when he interupted the moderator i thought he was losing his mind. But Bush calmed down alot in the 2nd half of the debate, the fits of rage seemed to have left him for the most part. Did much better this debate but the weird facial expressions were still there. And he really did hammer Kerry over his Senate record.


Bush definately had the line of the night: "want some wood?". haha that was funny, it made me laugh.


Kerry did very well. Stayed cool despite the Bush rage-a-thon. But i still don't 100% trust the guy. I don't think he's a flip-flopper as they say, but he has definately back-tracked on some Iraq issues and its so obvious that he's full of crock on a few of the things he says regarding how he stands or stood on Iraq. But overall i thought he did great, especially on domestic stuff.

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I liked Kerry's stance on abortion. I thought he said it very well. The idea of him as a leader has to represent all of the citizens. He could/can try to help people lead to other decisions in what way I don't know exactly really...

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I liked Kerry's stance on abortion. I thought he said it very well. The idea of him as a leader has to represent all of the citizens.

That is one of THE fundamental differences between Kerry and Bush. Bush leads with his own convictions, what he thinks is right and wrong. He's always said that he "doesn't use polls to make policy". So you've got a guy wanting to ammend the constitution to ban gay marriage. He wants congress to make his rich tax cuts permanent.


There's something admirable about his convictions, but his blind way of thinking is also very scary.


I like Kerry's way of thinking better. He may disagree morally with something (ie: gay marriage) but he would put that aside in order to represent what the majority want.

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