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Under Ground: The Bands Close To My Heart

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I know who Kyuss is...I listen to them lots! Along with QotSA. Demon Cleaner is a good song and same with 50 Million Year Trip. Praise me?

Well I'm out of cookies now, but if i had one i would give it to you for knowing 2 of thier best songs, although "I'm Not" is #1.

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Mindless Self Indulgence. by far, one of the greatest bands ever



Taking Back Sunday

(these 2 are kind of underground)


Closet Monster

My American Heart


Ours!!! (almost forgot)

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of course Matthew Good ;) nobody knows him in my country... and then a band called "Interpol" which were not very famous some months ago, but becoming famous in Spain with their second CD... dont like it when they become too famous, then it is very difficult to get tickets for their concerts and the price goes up

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