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Classic 2000 Matt Article

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geez i do remember that article. the guy sounds so angry.


I'm glad he seems to hav gotten alot of that out of his system. Underdogs and Beautiful Midnight were definately his most angry records. Actually maybe his only angry records. I don't like that Matt. LOTGA was a genius album, followed by Raygun which was more genius. Then for Underdogs and BM the band just went angry for some reason and i yearned for the MGB from his 1st 2 albumbs that had positive, hopeful songs, instead of the negitivity. I never really got LOTGA-type style back, but instead i got albums like AOB and WLRRR that returned to the more positive vibe of his earlier work, yet kept much of the beautiful, creative style that MG developed while doing Underdogs & BM (songs like Suburbia and Running Home).


Matt is a strange guy. I have never been able to figure him out, or nail down who he really is. In some interviews he comes off a very angry and bitter person, then in others he seems calm, thoughful, and intelligent. Not sure what it would be like to hang out with this guy in real life.

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Whoa, wait a minute.... he was approachable back then.... It's just that he wouldn't deal with b.s..... and if you were gonna be a prick he'd let you know it... but he's far less controversial now... he's got his mind on other things other than trying to justify himself to everybody.... he's beyond that point.... that's why he seems less cynical.

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I remember some of those quotes from back in the day, but never had a chance to read the whole thing. Thanks! Good to see that old articles like this are kept around.


I found this quote made me do a double read...


Q:  What about that "Future Is X-Rated" video? That's great.

A:  I had the choice. I could have probably spent a couple hundred thousand making the video for "Giant" or that video, which cost me $35,000

Not sure if Giant was realistically considered for a single, or if Matt just picked any song from Beautiful Midnight to use as an example. But a video for Giant would have been interesting...

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