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For Matthew

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i envision this with a soft military marching style drumroll/beat in the background with some basic Em and A strums with light picking in there.


For Matthew


hey hey yeah

you know you've shown us another way

compassion for my brother every day

awareness of whats going on today

to help make this world a better place

yeah hey hey



hey Matthew

you don't have to fight alone no more

don't barricade yourself behind that door

togetherness is what we're reaching for

to never hear the words hunger or war

yeah one day


so yeah your trying to be active

well you know there's a price to pay

cause while you fight for others freedom and rights

yours seem to get taken away

the price you pay


you see its like Annabelle said

if we can all stand together

if we can help just one person change

then we've made the world better




yeah Matt, were in this army

our only weapon our voice

nobody drafted, all here by choice

on each others shoulders, we hold our heads high

if one gets hurt together we cry

all together we say


hey hey yeah

you know you've shown us another way

now let us give back what you gave

let us all stand in your place

take all the punches you face

yeah hey hey




Thanks for changing our lives Matt!

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sorry, the proper spelling gets lost in emotion, and i can see the point of the heys and yeahs, they sound poor when read, seem to fit when i sing though, dunno. i was looking more for comments on content, but thanks.

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yeah its true though, sometimes when your singing about something close to heart its just too much for words, and you just say the heys and the yeahs... its just to try and explain something when you know that you cant



sweet song bud *thumbs up

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