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The Inauguration

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I might be wacky, but why turn your back when you can throw rocks? I don't know, i might be radical, but if i were present when that monsters limo passed by, i wouldn't turn around.

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I'll blow up the whole fucking book depository and then blow up the guy in the cop uniform and the whole fucking grassy noll, and then i will blow up anyone with video camaras and then i will go home and play with my wiener.

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So to report back, i did not see one person who had their back turned...after all that hype....i did see someone with a sign though that read 'thank god for tsunami' thought that was a little on the harsh side, kinda felt like punching him in the gut and saying 'thank god for avacados' but decided against it...in the long run, i thought the speech was lame, and just came back with frozen feet

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