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Weirdest Thing.....

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Hmm. I remember in Halifax one time they stopped mid song, left the stage (this is about 3 songs in) and were gone for about 40 seconds. They then returned, started playing the same song again as if nothing had happened. No explanation, and it seemed as thoguh it had been rehearsed. I thoguht that was pretty weird.

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At the last show he had here in Regina, there were two blond girls by the side of the stage that kept yelling that Matt was hot. When the band went outside before the encoure, the girls kept trying to go back there. One of them made a "sexual hand gesture" at Pat, who just looked confused. They were like -16.

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i was at a show where two grils creatively made an "MGB SLUTS" poster, that matt had passed to the front and displayed on Ian's drums.

that's awesome.

see matt back then could laugh about it..

the matt good now would have complained that those girls werent politically informed..

ohh the mgb days were so great.

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That's a easy one. Saw him at "The Joint" in NJ as MGB - Watched him crowd surf to the side bar, some 25 feet or so for a drink then back to the stage without spilling a drop.


What a amazing show by the way!!



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At Stampede 03, some guy near me was smoking something chemical (crack or meth probably) and then flipped out and started punching people in the face for no reason. Then he got forced out by the people who didn't appreciate getting punched.

people get fucked up at weird times. At the show i went to, it was a wednesday night, and there were a few terribly drunk individuals who just shoved people, and one got got the crpa stomped out of him, and Matt stopped playing and made a comment about the size of the drunk guys penis. it was funny and weird.

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