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Young Macgyver

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i remember hearing that a new series was being developed, Young MacGyver. it was going to be based on MacGyver's son, or either, the early years of Richard Dean Anderson's Macgyver. anyone know what happened to it?

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I like the episode where he escapes from the pool using a boot somehow... oh macgyver, was there anything you couldn't do. i would have rather seen the show run into the ground for another 10 years than stargate whatever it's called.

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Ok, I'm going to rip you a new asshole now, because your argument is pitiful, and frankly, incorrect. Star Trek in recent years has been very lackluster, I'll grant you that, Babylon 5, well they had Walter Koeing as a regular guest star, so there goes any acting, so I'll grant you that as well.


However, wrapping Stargate SG-1 [and Atlantis] into said "suck" due to said "poor acting, production and writing" is laughable. Michael Shanks is great Canadian actor, in one episode his character goes insane, another he is possessed by a multitude of aliens, including a little girl and he pulls it off very believably.


Stargate is one of the few shows I watch because of the great acting, writing and production. Stargate has won numerous awards, including Emmys, and those Gemini thingies for production.


The writing is has been at times typical sci-fi, but in general the writing is snappy, dialogue both funny and believable and has flowing story-lines that have gone on, nearly 10 years of shows.


In summation, go play with yourself in traffic.

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i can't sit through 2 minutes of that show and I don't know anyone else who could either.sci-fi shows are notoriously boring and cheesy.stargate suffers from the same problem that many other shows suffer from; lack of character development.everyone walks around spouting the same sci-fi-technical-jargon and it's bloody boring.there might aswell be only one character. it's no different than dawsons creek. little girls don't watch dawsons creek because of the writing or producing but for the romance. Nerds don't watch stargate because of the writing of producing, they watch it because of their interest in science fiction.

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OK, I have to side with the backers of stargate AND the skeptics of Young MacGyver


Stargate is a brilliant show, and it has plenty of character development (as if Dr. Who had character development - they Changed doctors every 1 to 3 seasons!); just watch seasons 5 through 8 for huge developments in Carter and Teal'c (the guy goes from being an outcast alien to one who buys himself a condo and an Escalade with "spinners"! Ha!). On top of that, it has incredibly realistic military re-enactments, some of the most complex ever done in television; from a technical perspective, as good as the average Hollywood movie (maybe not quite Blockbuster level, but the equal of any mid- to low-budget production.


Now, as for Young MacGyver....yeah, it's almost certainly an idea that should stay dead, as it will save everyone a lot of pain. Exhibit A) The New Degrassi High - something we did NOT need. Exhibit B) MacGyver had MORE than run it's course, and probably should have ended one to three seasons earlier.


As for RDA himself; OK. He's not a great actor, on the grand scale. He's a good TV actor. He actually seems better at comedy (within both of his big shows) than the drama. Don't believe me? Try and score a look at his acceptance speeches for the Spacey awards for the past years; last year he accepted while puppetting one of Stargates aliens and giving it a dirty french canadian accent - bloody brilliant.


OK, my rant is done now. Feel free to return fire.

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