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Matt Good Bootleg Collection

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Hey, I'm just wondering what shows people have out there. Obviously a number of people have some Matt Good bootlegs from years past as well as from this current tour. I'd like to get my hands on some copies myself as I do not have any Matt Good bootlegs and would like to start collecting. I have seen Matt live 8 times but have been unable to find any bootlegs or live recordings until I stumbled onto this messageboard. If anyone would be willing to post their bootleg lists and help me out here (or send me a message)I'd be willing to make a deal for some of them (I'll pay for you're time/cdr's etc...we can work something out I'm sure).



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omg who thought you could learn by reading

Reader Rabbit did. He's been saying it for 15 years. But did any of you listen? No. You bastards were just in it for the fun and games. Well listen up small fries, reading isn't "fun." It's a vicious neverending battle against illiteracy. And if we don't kick it in the ass we're never going to be able to ride the Reading Railroad to freedom.

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