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What Film...?

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Movies don't really affect my life except for the two to three hours in which i'm watching them.

Often when i'm in the nightlife experience however, i have Lost in Translation flashbacks. It mimics my nightlife mood exceptionally well.

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Dogma really triggered a huge Kevin Smith passion in me. It also solidified my response to people questions abotu what I wanted to be when I grew up, that being movie maker. That intern made me end up at a mediocre university, in a program I should realistically bet taking at a college or an actual film school, but it's my parents money I guess.

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Cheach and Chong....

No really I would have to say my fav is Chasing Amy

Mine is Chasing Amy too

i suppose it has not really changed my life or anything but in a small way it reflects my life. No, i have not fallen in love with a lesbian.

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