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Okay, New Problem

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Okay, maybe this was brought to the attention to the board before, but where is the "While We Were Hunting Rabbits" video that's supposedly on the DVD? I was pretty disappointed in not seeing it, as it was probably the only reason I got it in the first place...and I'd be even more disappointed to learn if it was only found in a select few CDs (say, the first 300 or something)

Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks...

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You know, with the amount each of you wrote telling him to go elsewhere, you could have easily told him where the video was (except Squall, of course).

that's not the point. the point is to teach people how to use some logic and find ways to get the information they are seeking. first and foremost, there is a search function on this board that will, 99% of the time, get you exactly what you want.


we all know for a fact that the search was not used because if it was, the user would've have seen three results: http://www.nearfantastica.com/bored/index....g+rabbits+video


simple as that

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