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Complete Matt Accoustic Cd

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I've had the idea of burning a complete Matt accoustic CD. Of course including the 9 rooms, plus breath of a nation, plus dusk and near fantastica (which is awesome).


Do you guys have any other suggestion of accoustic song from Matt i could find somewhere, i would like to fill it up for friends/familly.


So far i would get only 12 songs (which would fill like 60% of cd... i guess)

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Empty Road Acoustic

The Fine Art of Falling Apart!!!!

Folk Singer


If you're willing to blur the lines of 'acoustic' Casual Walks, Heather's Like Sunday and Go Fly Blind are fantastic songs as well.


Edit: And dude, don't leave Fated off, it's a gorgeous song.

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When Avalanche initially came out the enhanced CD gave you access to a "secret website" called HOSAM (House of Smoke and Mirrors). There were a handful of downloads available including the aforementioned acoustic version of Lullaby...

Someone stole my Avalanche CD so I'm not sure if the site is still up and running.

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