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Funniest LInes..

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i was watching law and order once and dct. munch had to talk to a theripist for people with schizophrenia and she was in a group session when he came to her office to see her, so he pulls her out of the group session and he says to the group "talk amongst yourselves"


haha i lost it... made my day.


what are the funniest lines you've heard?

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I heard that they want to do a Giles spin off called "Ripper". That'd be awesome. Also they are making a movie about Firefly called Serenity. I never watched Firefly but anything by Joss Whedon is perfection in my eyes and I love Nathan Fillion. He is from Edmonton! (I think)

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Well, I don't really watch Sci-Fi other then Buffy and Angel and now they are both over...how am I going to quell my geeky science fiction appetite without any shows to watch? Oh and so I am not to far off topic I am trying to remember a line from the funniest show ever, Seinfield, something about Jerry started to cry and he says "What is this salty discharge?"

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dont knock firefly, that show had potential....i havent watched it regularly since they cancalled it, but my gosh, some good lines in that one....and what was a very clever character humor system...i seriously busted a gut watching this show!...and the whole space western was cool



"the following tale of alien encounters is true, and by true i mean false, they are lies, but entertaining ones, and in the end is that not the truth? the answer is no"


"keep watching the skiis!...i mean skies"


i love that episode of the simpsons!

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