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How Do You Save Money?

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I have like $505 and i make $112 a week, but somehow, i spend all that i make and i can never get my balance to get higher than $530 and i suck so bad i just booked a tattoo appointment that will amount to AT LEAST $200.


i fucking suck.

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I buy high-octance gasoline and then water it down.


Also, buy really really strong coffee beans, but use less than the directions call for.


You can also save on plates and forks and knives by eating off the floor and with your hands. Your tongue is the only mop you will ever need.

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there's tons of options when it comes to saving money. you can establish a relationship with someone at your bank, and have them automatically withdrawal a certain amount and lock it into a term deposit or a one way savings account. you could redo your T1 form and ask that your employer take off $XX amount every month that counts as income tax then when you file your taxes you get all of it back plus your regualr return.


if you want to do it the easy way, the only REAL way to save money without mkaing sacrfices is to get a job that pays you more than your lifestyle warrants you to spend. set a goal for yourself that says "i need a job that pays $650 every two weeks because i only spend $500 every two weeks" and then that extra $150 is like its not even there because you don't need it.


the real issue here is that at $112 a week you shouldnt be worried about trying to save. its not enough, and you'll end up stressing out about it.

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well i go to school, so there is no way i can hope to make $325/week, but that is a good way to look at it i guess.


i think i might set myself an allowance of like $30 or $40 a week, and put the rest in a jar (bank accounts are accesed through debit) so i have to either go without something, or give it a lot of thought.


i really need to save up about $1000 by april 1st. It's do-able, but hard.


I'm taking on a third shift each week, on weeks when i have no projects coming up. that'll be another $60 or so.

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Saving money isn't an easy thing, I'm in the same boat right now, I have to save up Rent money for when I move out by the end of April. Plus I have to find a place to live thats near my school and work and still be cheap enough for me to live comfortably....eugh think I"m gonna be sick...

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