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"homosexuals fight for their faith"

is homosexuality wrong? (in your ...and only your.... opinion)  

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  1. 1. is homosexuality wrong? (in your ...and only your.... opinion)

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    • no
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    • i hope not
    • gross!

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I wonder what the "cause" of homosexuality is... they havent proved it yet. And if it is a genetic thing, how does it get passed through generation to generation if they do not reproduce heterosexually? Seems natural selection (charles darwin) would be against homosexuality too...


any answers?

How would Darwin's theory be against homosexuality?


All people die - this is true. Therefore, gay people will die.


It's been largely proven that a child's upbringing doesn't directly affect sexuality (i.e., being raised by or near other gay people doesn't make someone gay). So if homosexuality is largely just a mutation of genes, where exactly does Darwin's theory come into this? Unless homosexuality were, say, a very uncommon genetic trait that could be inherited (like left-handedness, which has the same occurance, 1 in 10 people), what, exactly, would Darwin's theory have to do with it? Gay people will die the same as the rest of us, only gay people will not leave children behind (in the majority of cases), while straight people will (in the majority of cases).


P.S. Toadman, there are passages in the Bible referring directly to homosexuality, it's in Leviticus. You'll find it right next to "A woman is unpure for 30 days after giving birth to a boy, and unpure for 60 days if she gives birth to a girl". My point in this is that people have used the Bible in a way that only suits their theology on the topic of gay people. Instead of asking, "What would Jesus do?", they've asked, "How can we be intolerant?". For anyone that's wondering, I've been raised a Roman Catholic, and go to church every sunday, so I think I know a thing or two on this topic.

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YOu know what I find funny? Is that the Catholic church which is SOOOOO anti gay, has such a track record of "playing" with the alter boys.

Exactly, buddy... Church is the biggest anti gay institution in the world and they keep getting all those scandals of priests sexually abusing of boys: they are against gay people, they consider being gay as a sin, as a mental distortion... and they have so many gay priests (which is fine BUT they commit a crime because they abuse of boys)


how hypocritical...

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the old testiment had a covenant- an agreement. thats where all the sacrificing and stuff came about. however, because Jesus came there wasn't a reason to sacrifice anymore (Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice) so they developed a new covenant. this voids alot of stuff in the old testiment. anything thats not repeated in the new testiment can be taken with a grain of salt, however, i know the new testiment does say homosexuality is wrong, so that can't be ignored.

As far as I know, the New Testament doesn't make any references to homosexuality - what chapter/verse is it?

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Why is there an 'i hope not' option? Like what we know to be fine could ever be wrong. This isn't something that could go either way. They're just scared of the fags. >;)



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