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Ravenous itchy

Undergrads Season 2

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I'm sure most of you have heard of Undergrads, it has been airing on Teletoon for a couple years. The creator is trying to build support for a second season of the show, and has already gotten Teletoon to pick it up, but in trying to get an american broadcaster to pick it up he started a myspace to show fan support. So, if you have ever watched the show, or you are just bored and feel like clicking a couple links, click the banner below and add him to your myspace friends (the "be my minion" link).


Thanks people





Note: the placement of this thread in the general discussion forum is intended, so don't move it.

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When GC's first album came out I thought they were cool. So did all my cool friends. They sang the song for Undergrads, how could they not be cool?

When their second album came out I realized that they had no talent and then they became uncool and the masses loved them.


Maybe that's why Undergrads never had a second season



Edit: Please don't kick me off the bored for being so disillusioned about Good Charlotte.

I've changed my ways since then and I now wholeheartedly bash them, Simple Plan and the like

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I think I'm to old for Undergrads... I mean it was cool when I was a first year, but I'm just not so sure now. I do have a signed T-shirt.


It's pretty old news that they need an American network, they have been hunting for a while. That aside, I'll check out the link.


And this really should be moved... Itchy you are bringing disorder... Ah, whatever...

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