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The Power Of Matt's Music

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I was listening to my iPod at work, and All Together came on. I have had it for a while, but I never actually truly listened to it.


I teared up...at work...in my cubicle


It really hit something inside of me. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Share any deep moments you had with Matt's music.

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Guest apsham

I have used Hello Time Bomb, Alert Status Red and Carmelina to hype myself up for sporting events or just something that I really needed to concentrate on.


Other than that, I've been torn up by the trio of Whispering In The Dark, Running For Home and The Fine Art Of Falling Apart a few times.

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Yeah, Fine Art, All Together and Running for Home are my number 1 emotion makers. Tripoli is amazing too.


Fine Art is heart wrenching, and All Together just hits a chord, though I don't know exactly what chord it is. It's almost haunting. I swear, I've listened to it while walking home alone at like, 1 or 2 in the morning, and it just has this sense of forboding about it. Almost...apocalyptic. That part at 0:46 and 0:55 is really freaky.


Running for Home is just beautiful, and a little sad as well.

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Guest Prosis

All Together reminds me of my ex. Because it's such a recent break-up song to me. "See we've been nothing for far too long, and I've been wondering what went wrong" and especially "rest in a stranger's arms"...because his or her new love is a stranger since he/she is new.


Incredibly moving to me!

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I've had a couple too.


Back when I was in highschool and a complete wreck, I was in the car with my mum, driving back from a psych's appointment. Running For Home came on, and my mum broke down in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she just smiled and said "I'm ok, it just seems like a sad song". I know it was the song's feel that triggered her tears, but it definately wasnt the cause of them. She smiled through her tears, completely selflessly. Easily one of the most powerful moments in my life, and just goes to show the power of MG's music.


Another time I was at a friend's house, out in the country side. Everyone had gone to sleep except me (a usual occurence), so I grabbed my iPod, went outside, and sat underneath a tree, looking up at the country sky (which I don't get to enjoy often in city). It was freezing and uncomfortable, but I didn't care. It was about 3 or 4am, and stars filled the sky. I put on The Rat Who Would Be King. Game over ;). I broke down in tears. Again, another powerful moment.


Just last New Year's Eve I went to a gathering near the city to watch the fireworks. Alot happened that night, but in short, I was having pills, and I snorted one (45mins after popping) to help it kick in. Now this group was quite the innocent bunch of private school kids, and when they saw me snorting they thought I was a junkie (even my girlfriend). As a result, I got weird looks for most of the night, like I was somehow something to be pitied. Interesting story actually (if you don't count the way I tell it): I was sitting down with a good friend of mine, playing guitar. We weren't acting drunk or any different then we normally would, besides the occasional stretch and smile because of the drug. My girlfriend's friend came up to us and shook her head, and almost lost her balance as a result because she was so drunk. I don't know the right word for that, but it was funny in a lame kind of way. By the time it was almost sunrise, everyone was either asleep or too drunk to talk to (I dont have anything against people who drink, but these guys were just drunk to the point of being stupid). As the sun rose, I sat by myself, looking out over the water and suburbia, listening to Blue Skies Over Bad Lands. "Just understand understanding." It changed what would have been an awful start to the year to a feeling of complete tranquillity (though I'm sure the drugs might have helped slightly). So cudos Matt, you made my 2006! :angry:


I'm sure there have been many other times, but nothing particularly worth explaining. I know The Fine Art Of Falling Apart been there many times. Generation X-Wing and Man Of Action are also quite personally compelling. Matt Good is just like that I guess, other bands will come and go from my music library, but MG is here to stay.

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whenever i listen to I Miss New Wave, i have thoughts of suicide



no, not that i would ever do that, i'm too happy with my place in the world right now to just cut it short


there have been two times in my life when i was truly suicidal, 7th grade and senior year of high school. i always thought, and still think, that I Miss New Wave would be a perfect final song to have playing on your stereo when you take your own life (don't do it, its selfish and the only people you end up hurting are the ones that love you) and have it playing on repeat...kind of a song that would have people hear it and say/think, "wow...he/she must have had a lot going on in his/her head that take his own life..."



god...that's such a downer, i'm sorry. everything is great...i'm so happy and i'm sorry if i brought anybody down. ;)

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The great thing about Matt's music, is that you can relate to it on so many levels.


You can just sit and enjoy the music for being enjoyable, you can listen and experence intense emotional resonance with it, or you can listen to the lyrics and see the depth and intellegence that went in to them.


For me the song will always be Everything is Automatic. It was actually the song that prompted me to go buy my first Matt Good CD. I was working early morning at Wendy's cooking bacon for the day (a job I wasnt paticularly found of) I was listening to the radio and EISA came on. Right then and there I decided after work I was going to stop and get the CD. Havent looked back since.


I still hold that one of the best experenices in my life was to hear Blue Skies and Avalanche live last year. Absoultly amazing experence and its something I'll never forget.


Theres too many of his songs that evoke emotion in me to list, but probally the most promonate is the Video for Strange Days. At the end the girl sacrifices herself to save a stranger that hadn't treated her all that nicely. Match that up with the dicotomy of Rich staring at the womens ass in the elevator before, and not paying attention while driving, you really have the best and worst of human nature.

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matt good's music makes me cry all the time

Sometimes his music hurts so much, but in a good way if you know what I mean... other times it's uplifting, I never really thought that of his music until Avalanche, it's a very positive album to me.


Thanks for the link to the song, I was wondering about it!


Also where's Whispering in the Dark from?


sancco, that story about your mom really got me, gave me chills, I can relate. that song just gets a person sometimes if you're in that certain mood.


ha, damn you, I'm getting all teary. Heh, All Together isn't helping either.

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Suburbia..."someday this place is gonna burn, is your whole life in there waiting"...makes me sad. I feel like my Mom spent a whole lot of her life waiting and I don't want that for me. I know she was happy but she could have had more. But, she was too busy sacrificing for us.

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House of Smoke and Mirrors has got me numerous times. It still chokes me up every once in a while. The line "I've fallen asleep again and when I wake up, you won't be here." Just sounds sad. It reminds me of when I started dating my partner and we had a long distance relationship and I missed him so much. But in general it just gives that sense of being left.

I still think that The Fine Art of Falling Apart sums me up peffectly as well. I dont for sure remember crying to that song, but I wouldnt doubt that I did either.

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This is getting too depressing! I find Matt's music empowering too!


The Bright End Of Nowhere, Suburbia's "there ain't nothing here at all another day a week the mall", Double Life's "this is all there is, roll the dice", Going All The Way "if there's nothing left to die for, and all this beauty if just decay" etc are all things I can personally relate to and take power from. Most people would find those lyrics depressing, like we aren't living for something greater, but I find it empowering. "Finding beauty in the dissonance" (that's Tool, not MG).


Speaking of which... does anyone listen to Tool? I ask this because on their new album they have a song called "Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)". Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with who Hoffman is, he's the person who discovered LSD (acid). Finding car keys when you're tripping can be quite hard, it's a typical situation. Anyway, I'm sure you're all familiar with Tripoli. "Must have lost my mind when I lost the car keys on my way out". The name of the song is Tripoli. Anyway, this might have been covered before and I may well look like quite the fool now, but am I right? And if so, does that mean Matt's a tripper?

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