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Ghostbusters 3

Should they make a new one or leave it alone?  

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  1. 1. Should they make a new one or leave it alone?

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Special effects in the movie industry is worse now than they ever have been. I have a feeling that they'll hire a crappy cast and spend all their time in the editing room. For it to work there has to be the right chemistry of actors. They can't just throw a bunch of comedic "bad movie" actors like the Wilson brothers, Will Ferrel etc.


From what I hear it's almost certain that Ben Stiller will be cast.I don't know about that... There's rumours about Chris Rock. he'd be good.


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The reason why Charlies Angels 2 sucked so much was because Bill Murrey wasn't in it. So, if that movie sucked because he wasn't in it, then Ghostbusters 3 will suck without him. He's the sleazy guy in Ghostbusters and it's natural sleazy too it's not forced.

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i would only want to see the original cast. they've already ruined transformers (bumble as a camaro...wtf is that?) so they'd probably ruin this too.

They had to make Bumblebee something other than a VW Beetle because the Beetle was licensed for the cinematic masterpiece Herbie Fully Loaded.

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