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I've heard both albums. I listed to the first one because everyone raved about it, but I thought it was crap. I heard the new one recently, hoping they got better, and I still think they're crap. So... I can't really give you a good comparison between the two. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who doesn't like The Dears.

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i couldnt really get into no cities left when i first got it.

(of course, i wanted it because i thought they were fantastic opening for matt on the avalanche tour).

i didnt dislike it, but over time ive started to appreciate it more, to the point where it hasnt left my cd player in about 3 weeks. i guess it jsut takes repeated listenings.


i bought end of a hollywood bedtime story last night. ive listened to it once. it doesnt appeal to me greatly. but ive learned that i should give it time before i judge it.


i got gang of losers when it came out. it's more instantly likeable, but i find it a little plodding in parts.


so far, id have to say no cities left is tops. my judgement on the others is generally positive, but time will tell.

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