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I'm often on YouTube looking for interesting, entertaining, and funny videos. This thread is to share favourites and maybe end up with a pretty cool collection to look through if we're bored.


It would be appreciated if the links were somewhat described, instead of just copy and pasted, so we don't get any duplicates, and will know what we're about to watch.


Here are a few I found entertaining:




funny cats

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Most of my favourites on YouTube are music videos and live videos of bands I like, nothing too exiciting or funny.


The ones I've watched recently:


Sam Roberts - Bridge to Nowhere



Say Anything performance of Total Revenge in Buffalo from last week


Limblifter - Perfect Day to Disappear



Melissa McClelland from the MG Tour this past spring

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Oh man, that cat at about 36 seconds is friggin hilarious.


These may not appeal to people who aren't into drums, but these are some sweet clips:


Tony Royster Junior, at 12 years old, kicking serious ass:



Him a little more grown up, grooving to a song:


Thomas Lang, Badass Drummer. Watch this! His stick tricks are retarded: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jHSuBM3wuE&NR


Another Thomas Lang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D49rKd0-_NI...related&search=


Matt Good doing Tripoli. This one is amazing. If someone knows how I could just get the audio of this to put on my iPod, I'd be super grateful:

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Who's your favourite drummer Christine?


I'm a big fan of Thomas Lang, Neil Peart (obviously) and a few others. I also personally feel that Virgil Donati is horribly over rated.


Edit: How could I forget John Bonham?

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Loel is one my favorite drummers too, he has such an original style. Danny Carey of Tool is great and my cousin (Danny Bourgeois) is pretty freaking amazing.


I honestly don't know a lot of drummers. As much as I love drumming, I've always kind of in my own little world about it. I can see you know quite a few though Owen. Now I know who to ask if I'm looking for some inspiration ;)


Edit: Oh, and what are the kelly videos?

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I'm a big fan of Danny Carey because of his very eclectic time signatures. Playing along to Tool or APC is very difficult because of his style, but yes, he is quite amazing.


I'm gonna be doing some drum recordings in the semi-near future, so I'll be sure to post em so you can see if I'm any good.


Edit: I'm also planning to groove to a few songs in addition to doing random solos, so if anyone has any requests of semi-well known songs, let me know. I'm already planning to do Haven't Slept in Years.

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