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Overrated Movies!

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the title speaks for itself...so i'll start by saying that ( i'm sure i'll hated on for this but) the departed is one hell of an overrated movie...gets all these oscar nods and all this hype, and in the end it was just an other okay movie...the acting in the movie was alright...but the rest was just pointless ( wont put any spoilers), the concept itself on paper sounds good, but in the end the movie was a let down...one more thing, ( not to take away anything from wahlberg) if all it takes these days to get an oscar nod for best supporting actor, is curse and act like the big man...then i dont know what the world is coming too...anywho... (just an opinion chaps)

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I think the reason the Departed got a lot of attention was because the academy has pretty much shafted Scorsese's work over the years.


I suggest watching Raging Bull by him...film making at its finest.

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Um, Donnie Darko was one of the best movies...ever. That's just retarded to think it's not.



Most overrated movie ever....Titanic. And, anything Stanley Kubrick has ever done. Not to mention Quentin Tarantino.

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The Shining

Full Metal Jacket

Clockwork Orange


Dr. Strangelove

Killer's Kiss [he was a film student at the time]


even Eyes Wide Shut to a certain extent


Those are the only one's I've seen...all have been pretty Hawt.


Every shot in the shining is chalked full of meaning...a masterpiece in my opinion...Especially the one scene where the son walks into the room and is caught between Jack and his reflection.


I think a lot of people might like him for the wrong reasons...I don't know...I guess I can kind of see where you are coming from.

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You said The Shining, which was good. The only one I liked, but I don't know if that was more because it was based on a Stephen King book, or the direction. The TV remake sucked though, that's for sure...so I do have to give credit to Kubrick on that one.


Now, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange and 2001 were, in my opinion, pretentious, overblown, and down right boring. I really don't see what the big idea is. Maybe more of the content then the actual directing? That's the only thing I can think of. Most of his movies do take on a radical, mature theme....but, I really didn't find any of those done on a technically well level, especially to deserve the credit he's given.

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I agree with matrix to a certain extent. I think it really depends on what your tastes are. since he was eccentric, some people will love him and some will hate him. kubrick should be appreciated for certain things but not others. his work seemed a lot like a painting than a film. his sets were deliberate, as was his crazy use of color and all the symbolism in the imagery, etc. so if you're impressed by the artsy fartsy stuff then I guess you'll like it. I appreciate it for that but I can't watch full metal jacket without getting bored, even though it's a good movie. same thing with a clockwork orange. and if I get bored, that doesn't impress me much. and it's not because I have a short attention span. eyes wide shit is my fav out of all of his.




the only movie that comes to mind is Pulp Fiction. over-rated big time IMO

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donnie darko is high on my list. i think crash is overrated. way to portray racism in a way that doesn't allow for any grey area whatsoever. another oscar nominated film last year, brokeback mountain is REALLY overrated. its a beautiful picture, but the story was horrible and not what it was cracked up to be at all.


i dont think stanley kubrick is overrated. the cinematography in his films alone make them worth watching. in barry lyndon for instance, theres a scene where the only light they used was candlelight! thats nuts! he needed to use a special telephoto lens from nasa to do it. theres absolutely no depth of field in the shot, but the fact that they used just candles and no alternative light sources is amazing. that whole film looks really cool, even if it is ass boring.

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Lord Of The Rings


yeah, I said it. I am sorry, but I am not a fan of watching 2 1/2 hours of walking. I fell asleep not only once but the second time I tried to watch it.

YES, don't feel sorry. lord of the rings was terrible for many reasons. I specifically hated because the endings took like half an hour. you know how normally a movie miht pan away slowly then fade out at the end, well LOTR would fade out to like 6 endings in one movie. terrible

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